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      "You have to bear on hard," said the veteran, with a grim smile.Pen for the moment disregarded what followed. She had to stop and think, she would have said, but as a matter of fact she was incapable of thinking. She was conscious only of a dull horror that numbed her faculties. She had not yet taken it in. Outwardly she was quite composed. With the palm of her hand she thoughtfully polished a dull spot on the velvety surface of the table.

      "So you assisted this murderer to escape?"

      Pen shrugged and let the matter drop. After all she was not implicated. Men must be left to follow their own blind ways, she told herself.

      He moved close to her. "Pen dear, don't quarrel with me! We have only a moment. Even this is risky. There are more men coming along the road."

      Git a-long right smart, you'll be left be-hind."

      "It attracted me," he went on. "It's so hard to find anything that looks as if any thought or care had gone into it. That's why I got it.""So it seems."